ARDESIA uses the best technology, materials and know-how developed by our engineers in collaboration with our world class supplier, for design products that embody the best Made in Italy tradition.

Our worktops always use state of the art technology. Their gas burners are conceived to uniformly heat the pan bottom for achieving better and healthier cooking results.
Other cutting hedge technologies are available in our product range, in particular induction, whose heating power is immediately available and delivered directly just where it’s needed for achieving superior heating efficiency and less energy loss.
Our ovens use the convection cooking principle, that is applied thanks to the use of the cavity fan that generates a heat flow that better surrounds the food and that allow lower cavity temperatures, shorter cooking times and multilevel cooking, with no flavour cross-over thus superior cooking results. The materials that are used to manufacture our products are just first-class.

We use only the best of them, that are assembled with our craftsmanship care.

Just think to our no-finger print stainless steels, or to the Easy-to-Clean enamels.

These two materials deliver no finger prints marks on the outside of the product and better cleaning performances of the oven cavities on the inside.

This unique blend between technology and materials generates products where safety is always top performing.

The external temperatures of our ovens and cookers are always cold thanks to the adoption of internal cooling fans that will dissipate the heat in excess.

Moreover you can rely on our gas burners equipped with special thermocouples valves that immediately stop the gas flow in case the flame goes off.

All this is conceived, designed and Made in Italy, to deliver kitchen appliances from the best manufacturing tradition.